There is a high level of unemployment among young adults in the region, which has lead to an increased concern about acute poverty and/or involvement in undesirable habits such as substance abuse, theft, etc.

In our 2018 baseline survey, the majority of the household heads (90.5%) did not possess any vocational skills. However, the majority of the responders (83%) showed interest in their children learning vocational skills.

With this project, we try to address this issue by providing opportunities to engage in skill building and income generating activities in order to reduce poverty while inspiring creativity and initiative amongst the young population.

The overall objective is to equip 2000 youths in the region with vocational skills that will allow them to get access to a wider variety of employment opportunities. With this project in place, we aim to form different youth entrepreneurship groups, impart different vocational skill and enable our youths to finance their own ventures.

This project will also benefit those who are not direct beneficiaries. We hope to indirectly benefit the people who will be providing various forms of services (transport, advertising, etc.), selling raw materials and/or helping with the trading or final purchase for the entrepreneurs.

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