M-Olulimisa is an agro-technology company that supports the smallholder farmers of Uganda, who make up the bulk of the farming population. They use ICT tools, especially mobile phone technology, to provide services such ad agriculture insurance, loans, and inputs distribution in order to improve the crop quality and financial yields for these farmers. By increasing access to information and services, they allow smallholder farmers to increase productivity and income.


To learn more please visit https://m-omulimisa.com/



Kilimo Trust

Kilimo Trust is a non-profit organization that works to facilitate collaboration between organizations that offer sustainable agricultural interventions in Eastern African communities. Their goal is to structure a national and regional agricultural trade network that will enhance wealth while ensuring food security for subsistence farmers. This organization empowers agricultural value-chain actors to collaborate in problem-solving and improve competitiveness in food markets.


Over the past 7 years, Kilimo Trust has established over 200 operational business partnerships within 31 business groups, connecting over 160 000 smallholder farming households to national and regional markets. Over 122 million USD of food products have been sold through these structured trade initiatives thus far.


To learn more please visit https://www.kilimotrust.org/



The Microfinance Support Centre LTD

The Microfinance Support Centre (MSC) is a governmental agency that manages microcredit funds and offers development services. It aims to facilitate access to affordable financial services and to strengthen management capacities of microfinance institutions and small to medium enterprises.


To learn more please visit https://www.msc.co.ug/



Crop Production Program at Uganda Prisons Service

We are happy to work with the Uganda Prisons Service, whose mission is to provide a safe, secure and humane custody of offenders during their correctional programs. More specifically, we have partnered with their crop production prison farm program. This program strives to train, rehabilitate and reform prisoners into lawful citizens by teaching about crop production and different farming skills.


To learn more please visit https://www.prisons.go.ug/programmes/crop-production

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